07 Feb What’s The Tea

It’s the year 2019, and social media is popping, sometimes a bit too much, but it is also helpful.  It’s awesome that we now have access to a wide variety of growth mindset, self-development and community development influencers. Many of the images we see of these spiritually awakened folks are often photographed, half smiling, in the sun, of course, sitting on yoga mats and throwing around words like mindfulness and chakras and gratitude as they sip on their cucumber-infused water.

This sanitized version of this important work can make you look at this with suspicion. That’s fair, we should exercise a healthy amount of caution.  We also get to open ourselves up to many possibilities. Perhaps there are other ways of being, and we know “there are other worlds”. Capitalism encourages us to  revere the to-do list in the name of the almighty dollar,in the economy of do more. Could we be pushing aside the possibilities of the “woo-woo”? Make no mistake about it, these are questions I often ponder while sipping on my tea.

Well here’s the tea…. Many of you have shared with me that you have been called woo-woo. You know I have been called woo-woo, also. If by woo-woo, you mean, cultivating joy, compassion, patience, peace, holding heartbreak and adopting an attitude of gratitude. Then yes I am indeed, woo-woo. lol 😂

Do you know what happens when we go towards gratitude? We make room for so many blessings. You better consider being thankful, because your blessings are waiting on you.  There are so many things for me to be thankful for, my health, family, friends, freedom, laughter, warmth ( this polar vortex in MN is no joke at all) and yet I am thankful.    

An attitude of gratitude is contagious!  

Try it, start walking in gratitude and see how your atmosphere begins to shift. ratitude has the power to change our energy drastically. When we consistently express thanks, we become more optimistic, less materialistic or concerned about physical objects, more spiritual, less egocentric. That ego, is always doing the most. E.G.O. – edging God Out.  I know I need to be grounded spiritually so I can show up for the difficult things that continue to happen. I am thankful to get to connect with you and to be reminded that we get to decide what we want to cultivate. What are you thankful for? I would love to hear from you.

Love and light

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