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Joi Unlimited: Radical Self-Care and Radical Hospitality

This blog is where a lot of “Life” will be examined as we try to “Lead” BIG LIVES.

You will find a mix of Highs and Lows here, about our humanity, heartbreak and how to live fully awake through it all. Reminders that it is a radical act each time we decide to take care of ourselves, and sleep a little longer, remember NO is a complete sentence, have some extra vegetables, decide not to beat up on ourselves because we had a piece of cake, live in the moment, break a rule, and so much more. We will remember how radical it is to be welcoming and reach for each other and show how much we want to be connected to others even when they can’t show it back to us. This blog much like Joi Unlimited Coaching and Consulting is about Transformation and Liberation of Self and Systems.

There will be mad appreciation for the color ORANGE the sacral chakra color and its healing power that lives within each of us, located in our lower abdomen the most important emotional center. There will be reference to yoga, meditation, mindfulness and belonging as practices we all get to have now and reminders that they are each old and new to us all at the same time, but our ancestors were up on these healing modalities, centuries ago.

There will be commentary on historic oppression, current realities, lessons from inter-generational loved ones, those I know, those I wish I had known, and those I want to know.  I hope you find things here that make you laugh deep in your belly and cry in unexpected places.  My biggest hope is that we can collect a bit more of our humanity and keep building a world we really want to live in!
As founder of Joi Unlimited I plan to show up in a transparent way, invite you to laugh with me, to cry with me, to get angry and cause interruptions to our convenient and sometimes isolated lives. There will be poetry, prose, pouting, pictures and some parading of fashion I hope, and of course food, and body and deconstruction of fat oppression and mental health oppression, and racism, ect. You will also find an events section and I invite you to join me at any of my public events or sign up for the private ones. I hope to see you in one of my yoga classes, webinars, healing circles, radical self-care retreats, a keynote speech or invite me to speak at your event, create an experience for your staff, we will definitely see each other soon, YOU ARE INVITED! Let me show you some RADICAL HOSPITALITY! 

Guest bloggers are welcome too! I am so looking forward to connecting with each of you, I welcome the comments, the disagreements, difficult dialogues, deep connections and the demands for something better for each of us and all of us. Let’s go after some JOI UNLIMITED!

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