16 Jan Slow Down This Year

As we start the new year, my intention is to ask each and every single one of you to slow it down!

This is what tends to happen after we begin a new year…

We end the previous year with huge goals… and I do mean gigantic ones! We try to squeeze in all the tasks of achieving those goals into our already busy lives. Because they are so massive to begin with, and we haven’t really stopped to check in or slow down, what ultimately ends up happening is we either give up or get burnt out!

There is a sense of power, strength and hope that comes along with setting these lofty goals. They may have to do with increasing your finances, bettering your health or perhaps it has to do with spicing up your love life. And we try to hold on to those feeling for as long as we can, no matter what the cost is.

Whatever the goal may be for you, remember that change occurs with time. There is no point trying to speed things up to get to the end destination if we aren’t going to enjoy the process. Not only that, we often try to hurry things along so much that it gets very overwhelming for us and we give up on our dreams anyways.

My issue isn’t with how big the goals are – it’s with the way most people tend to execute them.

A large portion of my work is dedicated to helping people get grounded and I think that is exactly what we all need when we begin a new year. Getting grounded, getting present and laying a solid foundation for ourselves is typically what it takes to really follow through on what we have to do and ultimately get to where we want to be.

I hosted Self-Care this past Sunday, the 13th of January, at Heritage Teahouse, in Saint Paul, MN, and we spent some time taking deep breaths together and getting grounded. We also talked about how meditation and prayer is not just for today, but you do it today to build up a reserve for the days, weeks and months to come. If you were unable to be there with us, no worries I still want to share some things with you to encourage you to be gentle with yourself.

My offering to you, dear one, is to start or continue a practice – some sort of ritual for yourself where you are able to get present in the moment.

Whether that means meditating in the morning or waking up just a tad bit earlier to make and enjoy a cup of tea before the kids get up – give yourself this gift.

It is the smallest, yet most meaningful thing that you can do. Give yourself this tiny gift to simply check in. Look at what’s serving you right now. If something isn’t working out the way you desire, know that you have the power to make the change in your life today. Then start small – baby steps are key!

Please know I do not have this thing all figured out, I have to remind myself that Radical Self-Care is a practice. As you know, I kicked off my Radical Self-Care Tour in December for my new book Healing: The Act of Radical Self-Care. It has been amazing to be with so many of you. My team and I had a pretty aggressive plan laid out for the first 3 months. There are so many places I want to go (I seriously want to “put healing in the hands of anyone; anywhere”). I also appreciate all the requests that continue to come for me to share space with you and your communities. That said, I realized that I needed to slow down, pause, not move so fast. I needed some time to ease into the new year. To ground, be quiet, connect with loved ones. I still remain excited about The Radical Self-Care Tour, but I just needed to slow the pace down a bit.

I am encouraging you to do the same. Start by waking up just a little earlier, or not skipping out on your break at work. Start appreciating the little things – the warmth of your home, the smile on your child’s face or the courteous neighbor. Count each and every single one of those things as the blessings that they are.

When you get grounded, when you step into this place of love, peace and joy, you allow yourself to think clearer.

You get to ask yourself…

Am I working too hard?

What does my body need?

Why am I feeling this way?

When you truly value self-care and you check in with yourself this way, getting to your goals will undoubtedly get easier.

Give yourself this gift today.

With love and light,

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