22 Feb Love Thyself

The very notion of self-care is a radical and revolutionary act. Let’s face it, most of us did not grow up learning about self-care.  Sure, in many instances those who cared for us were doing the best they could. So we may have missed some things. Listen. I am not confused about your people and I am not confused about you. You each are AMAZING, AWESOME AND BRILLIANT.  However, we have some adjustments to make. We get to fully embrace taking exquisite care of ourselves.

I often think of those folks who came before us, who have been practicing liberation and self-care way before we were even born. Well today I got a treat and ran across this Vintage. Throwback. Bikram Yoga Class. Freda Payne. 1975 EBONY I was 6 years old. This picture is everything.

This. It inspires me. I have done 2 Bikram Yoga classes this year, I just did one on Monday. God willing I will practice yoga at least 50 times by my 50th birthday on August 3rd. They don’t have to be Bikram classes, but I do get to practice #drjoiontheroadto50. The snow is really coming down outside and yet I am trying to stay in gratitude. That is self-care; recognizing that I am not in control of so much, including the weather. So getting into gratitude helps.

I am comforted to know that  our elders and ancestors have always taken care of themselves and the community. Bikram Yoga is not new, organic gardening is not new, eating fresh vegetables is not new, composting is not new (my grandmother called it a slop bucket), drinking lots of water is not new. We just got brand new after technology, education and more focus on capitalism. We forgot who we are and whose we are. I was letting my self-care slip, succumbing to issues of oppression. But I know I have been called for such a time as this and no weapon formed against me shall prosper, I am more than a conqueror.

So I re-upped, got up and I am at it again. It does not matter how many times we fall down, but just remember to get back up again. I will never give up, my ancestors did not and I have benefitted from so many of their sacrifices, it’s our turn. We are the ones we have been waiting on.  We are a communal people who love all people regardless of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, religion, gender identity. We love to laugh, to play, to read, to sing, to dance, to pray. Let’s show up and be who we are and whose we are. There is no one else in the world who can do you. Thanks Ebony Magazine for the reminder. Do something good for yourself today; you are worth it. Most of all, show up in loving kindness to all who cross your path, you may be the only smile they get today!

I am still committed to getting out there and  “putting healing in the hands of anyone, anywhere” Check out how we are doing just that here: ‘Love Thyself’ encourages women to be intentional with self-care.

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