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02 Sep For Dreamers who have considered Abortion….

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When SETTLING  isn’t enough!  I know, I know it’s a BOLD move to have my first blog start with such a provocative topic.  Nevertheless, I invite you to take a deep breath… and another one for good measure.  I am not talking about abortion in the traditional sense of the concept, although I do have an opinion or two, on that… but we will save that for another time.

Have you ever had a DREAM so BIG that you felt like you were pregnant, I mean really pregnant, not playing around, faking it kinda pregnant, but running to the drug store multiple times to take the test, again and again, and it keeps showing the + sign, kind of pregnant?  There are real ACHES and PAINS and even CRAVINGS for things that you know are not good for your body.  I mean pregnant with really BIG DREAMS, the kind that scare you and wake you up at night and sometimes you break out into a never-ending sweat. Well if that is you, you are in the right place. If this is not you, stick around and I hope to inspire you to get pregnant, with BIG DREAMS, that is…

Ok, I guess I have to just come right out and say it. Y’all I have been pregnant for a long time, and I finally gave birth.  This is my public announcement, right out here in the blogosphere.


After many months of carrying this “big dream,” having it growing inside of me kicking and screaming, morning sickness, fatigue, planning for its life after birth…  It’s here! This BIG DREAM scared me it was so big. It made me believe that we can HEAL from the hurt of oppression-induced trauma, it kept pushing me to create spaces where people can truly practice RADICAL SELF-CARE, it reminded me that the principles of RADICAL HOSPITALITY I learned from the folks in my hometown of EAST ST. LOUIS are still possible.

I admit, I wanted to settle and I contemplated over and over aborting this DREAM. I could just hold my tongue and live a life under the radar.  When I left my job as a Vice President of a college in April of 2013, life as I knew it was over.

But on that last day a good friend planted the seed that my firm would be called JOI UNLIMITED.  I have tried so many different ways to abort this dream. I applied for countless jobs, and participated in several self-sabotaging schemes to interrupt my own RADICAL SELF CARE, one of the main core values of my firm.

But the DREAM kept growing and it started to take up much more room.  I had to make a decision: SETTLE or GIVE BIRTH.  I choose to give birth. Who am I to run away from my calling, as my spiritual mother KAMALA, explained it to me: “to bring a HEALING presence” to places, spaces and faces, I encounter? Who are you to give up on your DREAMS, yes you the one who keeps dreaming about taking a trip around the world, writing poetry, publishing a book, starting a business, recording a new song, speaking truth to power, meet the folks in your neighborhood, taking exquisite care of yourself? Let’s do this!  I encourage you not to SETTLE, but I respect your right to choose…

Please join the JOI UNLIMITED community and help me SHARE JOI! with as many people as possible. If you have not checked out the new website, please do so @  I look forward to connecting with you, soon. Sending so much JOI UNLIMITED your way!


With peace,


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  • Kara Kimble-Williams
    Posted at 14:47h, 06 September

    Congrats Joi!

  • Pamela Moore
    Posted at 16:36h, 06 September

    Congrats!! Your news brings me Joi!

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