Don't Mind If I Do

27 Feb Don’t Mind If I Do

Mindfulness has been incredibly helpful to me, well when I actually practice it. Remembering to slow down my thoughts and be intentional about habits that do or don’t serve me.

I am also fully aware when I am not being mindful and how it can cause a domino effect of unmanageability. Well, as you may recall I am traveling on my Radical Self-Care Tour in Austin and San Antonio, Texas. I did a great job of preparing early for this trip, well mostly. But I did not have my food prepared. Don’t judge me, lol.

The tour is mostly going well. Except I did not fully prepare my food for the trip. I thought I could handle being on the fly. But just being on the fly → mindfulness + rushing = unmanageability.

So, I am then rushing through the airport and I almost bought fries for dinner. However, I did not buy those fries. Fries are an ok thing to have, but maybe not if that was all I was going to have. Not much nutritional value, IJS. I did have popcorn which is on my acceptable food list; it’s not my red food but I was grabbing it because I was stressed getting to the plane. Well I made it, managed to have some lettuce leaves and yet I also managed to leave my computer in the back pocket of the plane. This friends, is not being mindful. I spent a good portion of the day self absorbed in trying to locate it to no avail, because even this is not up to me. Oh, why do you ask? Because I am not my own Higher Power, who I call God, although I was acting like it and trying to be in charge. Humbling, but not before I did not prepare for dinner so I had popcorn again. Do you notice a pattern? I do and I had to get in honesty with my HP. She already knew the BIZNESS but I thought I was fooling someone. But not being mindful is costly.

But thank God for a new day, for new blessings and a reset. I had to reset. Take some long deep breaths, get mindful and get spiritually fit.  

I will not let popcorn, or really distractions, keep me from the sunlight of the spirit.

Mindfulness gives me an anchor, a safe harbour in the storm throughout the years. It’s beauty is in the fact that it helps us cope with the turbulence of daily life, and enhances the joy and exciting moments in our lives as well. Practicing mindfulness and meditation like those I will suggest here, increases self-awareness, empathy and compassion. Meditation can be hard at first. Our minds may feel totally out of control, our bodies unbearably restless. You can train your mind to be calmer, more accepting and kinder. Just like any new skill, mindfulness  takes practice and effort.

We are finally looking to understand the true effects of the substances we consume (mentally and digestively). We are now moving into a period of time where we are constantly searching for the things that will make us better versions of ourselves. How does the food we eat affect our mood? How does the media we watch and read affect our minds? But we still sometimes consume things so quickly that we haven’t given enough thought or time to process our actions. So in this pursuit to cleanse ourselves of old paradigms, we find ourselves searching for the next way to detox our mind, body, and soul.

I believe in the benefits of approaching the body from a holistic perspective. All of our internal systems work in tandem. We like to isolate their processes – the stomach digests food, the heart pumps blood, the brain helps us feel – but that is only to simplify the miracle of the human body. This is where mindfulness comes in. Mindfulness is the process of bringing your attention to the experiences happening right in front of you, in the present moment. It is a skill that we can hone through practice. It is awareness in its truest form.

We can incorporate mindfulness in every single aspect of our lives. And this makes sense, if we are defining it as a practice of conscious awareness.  

Mindful relationships with food can be structured in the exact same way. We can choose to look at our food, without the distraction of television or scrolling through our phones, and just chew, tasting every flavour from every single bite. It may seem tedious at first, but that is usually because it is so unfamiliar. Simple awareness of how the food is feeding and helping our bodies perform optimally is the key here.

In terms of mindfulness, I like to start each and every day being mindful. A simple exercise I like to do, is to take 5 deep breaths right when I open my eyes. I breathe through my nose for a count of 3, hold for a count of 2, and exhale through my mouth for another count of 3. This allows me to practise my deep breathing, maximizing the amount of oxygen that reaches my lungs, and giving me a moment to appreciate the oxygen that gives me life. Namaste & Ase’

May you fully enjoy the present moment.

Love and light,

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