Facilitation. Speaking. Consulting

Radical Self-Care (Healing Justice) & Radical Hospitality (Social Justice)

Facilitation. Speaking. Consulting

Radical Self-Care (Healing Justice) & Radical Hospitality (Social Justice)

The Orange Method (OM)

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The Orange Method (OM)



Emotional Liberation

Conscious Movement.


  • Book Signings & Podcast
  • Radical Self-Care & Healing Circles
  • Workshops & Keynotes
  • Executive & Team
  • Radical Self-Care
  • Leadership, Life & Liberation
  • Radical Self-Care (Healing Justice)

  • Liberation (Social Justice)  

  • Translations & Transformations  

  • Healing Circles (Community, Organizational & Sister)
  • Retreats (Radical Self-Care, Social Justice & Yoga)
  • Workshops (Courageous Conversations, Social Justice & Radical Self-Care)
  • Radical Self-Care ( Healing Justice)
  • Liberation (Social Justice)
  • Transformation




Joi Unlimited is in the business of transformation of self and systems. Clients and Communities are supported through the process of transformation and liberation through the use of the “Orange Method” (OM) of coaching and consulting. OM is grounded in the values of personal and collective responsibility. OM ensures that members of the global majority, women, young people and their allies are at the core of the work. The Orange Method is built on principles and practices of restorative social justice, mindful leadership, and building a sense of belonging. The process of transformation is accessed through coaching and consulting sessions, guided meditation, healing circles, retreats, workshops and community gatherings.



The Orange Method (OM) is applied with clients in coaching and consulting through intergenerational practices from our ancestors, elders, and young people. These offer a meaningful approach for fully reclaiming our humanity as well as promoting work and life balance. The firm provides facilitation, consultation, and coaching grounded in the principles of Radical Self-Care (Healing Justice) and Liberation (Social Justice) as strategies for self and system transformation. Further, a variety of complimentary practices are incorporated such as: circle, art and narrative for transformation of self and systems. Joi Unlimited’s collaborative partners are ever mindful of our multiple and intersecting identities (race, class, gender(s), gender identity, abilities, sexual orientation, religion, nationality) in an effort to use our special powers for good. The firm is also practiced at strategies for increasing the life chances and choices for all, particularly for historically marginalized communities, women, young people, and their allies.



Joi Unlimited has developed The Orange Method (OM) methodology for understanding and interrupting the effects of capitalism and oppression on self and systems. By filing-up our “energy accounts” and practicing radical self-care, we can create an Energy Bank, overflowing with social, cultural, navigational, and familial capital that accrues interest and capitalizes when it is connected to community. One could not only live off of the interest, but also share with others and leave an inheritance for your loved ones and your beloved community.