Sunlight of the Spirit

08 Mar Sunlight of the Spirit

What’s blocking you from the sunlight of the spirit? When I write and speak about radical self-care and healing, I’m referring to the practices., potions, tools, prayers, available to us to reduce our suffering and continue to heal. Many of us are weighed down by...

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22 Feb Love Thyself

The very notion of self-care is a radical and revolutionary act. Let’s face it, most of us did not grow up learning about self-care.  Sure, in many instances those who cared for us were doing the best they could. So we may have missed some...

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07 Feb What’s The Tea

It’s the year 2019, and social media is popping, sometimes a bit too much, but it is also helpful.  It’s awesome that we now have access to a wide variety of growth mindset, self-development and community development influencers. Many of the images we see of...

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30 Jan Balance

Balance. It’s a relatively short word but it holds so much meaning. Depending on what season of life you are in, or really what is happening in your day right now, this one word, balance may bring a smile to your face or make your chest...

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Myths and Meditation

24 Jan Myths and Meditation

Why are there so many myths around meditation? What am I talking about? Well, I know you’ve heard of at least one of the following… In order to meditate “correctly”, you need to light candles, burn incense and sit on a meditation pillow. Oh, and let’s...

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13 Dec Get Grounded

Hold up, wait a minute. When did it become December? Weren’t we just bar-b-queing for the 4th of July, celebrating some of the few civil liberties we still have? I’m just sayin… It’s like, did the ground really just move from under me? How did...

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