30 Jan Balance


It’s a relatively short word but it holds so much meaning. Depending on what season of life you are in, or really what is happening in your day right now, this one word, balance may bring a smile to your face or make your chest feel tight. I am in a season of life where surrender is speaking much more to me than balance.  

I am surrendering to the fact that I need much more structure in my life. I really thought I hated structure, but I have come to understand that it is not structure that I dislike, it is rigidity.  The more I move toward a “balanced” life, it requires me to surrender.

The way I think about balance in an important place of healing in my life, is around getting free from food addiction. Since writing my debut book, Healing: The Act of Radical Self-Care, (you can get access to purchasing it here) I have become much more transparent about my journey to get free from food addiction. A concept that I use to support my recovery is called: weighing and measuring. I literally weigh and measure my food about 90 % of the time. It helps me to have balance, to know how much is enough. When to stop and when I need more of something. When I am not in a balanced space, and I am not weighing and measuring my food, I tend to eat more of things I really like, protein, carbs and less of things I have not historically loved, like fruits and vegetables. So I weigh and measure just to stay in some integrity with myself.

The amazing thing is the concept of weighing and measuring is so useful for all aspects of my life. I am learning to weigh and measure my time: work, play, family time, tv(help me somebody), sleep, social media, travel. You get it. I wanted to just share this amazing concept with you and invite you to meditate on what you might need to “weigh and measure” to bring more balance in your life.

Perhaps you have a daily, or weekly practice of cultivating balance in your life,  but for many, of us including my loved ones and my clients finding balance is an ongoing challenge.

Before we go any further, let’s take a moment to address what “balance” may mean.  Finding true balance in your life may require you to meditate on what is truly important to you and making a conscious effort to really focus time, energy and effort on those things. Then, it’s a matter of letting smaller things go and forgiving yourself for not being able to juggle everything. Easier said than done, right. There are so many pulls in the world and just a ton of heartbreaking things so to think about “balance” without considering how oppression and capitalism, set us up to be everything but balanced.

We are encouraged to do more, run faster, stay up longer, get up earlier. So, I am writing to encourage  you and me and us, to surrender to the fact that we are built to take breaks, naps, be in community, ask for help, say yes, say no, these things will help us find some balance.

Finding balance means figuring out what’s really important to you. Perhaps you have not had much space to ask yourself this question. Well I am asking you. What brings you joy? What do you want? What is standing in your way?

Here’s to “weighing and measuring”.  I got your back. I am cheering you on. Little by slow we are on our way.

With love and light,

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