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31 Aug: Welcome to Joi Unlimited

About Joi Unlimited Joi Unlimited: Radical Self-Care and Radical Hospitality This blog is where a lot of “Life” will be examined as we try to “Lead” BIG LIVES. You will find a mix of Highs and Lows here, about our humanity, heartbreak and how to live fully awake…

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29 Aug: Meet Dr. Joi Lewis

Speaking of Transformation and Liberation here is a bit about me, over the years. Written in 6 word Bios. “Dr Joi” Lewis 6 Word Bios Age 5 Running, loving everything, before sadness Age 10 First diet, basketball, red hot riplets Age 19 Stepping, cutting class, oversexed, singing hallelujah Age 33 Love, Life, Freedom, Exploring, Radical, Cautious Age…